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Thunder Bolts™ Caffeinated Gummies

With 50 mg of caffeine per gummy, Thunder Bolts™ contains the caffeine equivalent to one (1) can of energy drink, but without the harsh chemicals, high sugar content and additives typically found in energy drinks.
Thunder Bolts™ contain all natural sweeteners and minimal sugar, which makes Thunder Bolts™ one of the healthiest energy products available on the market.
Healthy products start with natural ingredients. Thunder Bolts™ uses real orange juice and natural flavors to bring a bold orange flavor – a favorite of most consumers.
100% and 50% of the daily value of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 (Niacin) are contained in every package to satisfy customers’ need for nutrition through Bolts Energy’s caffeinated gummies – Thunder Bolts™!
Thunder Bolts™ is a healthy and energizing product made with gluten and peanut free ingredients.
Wow! Feel the energy. Thunder Bolts™ provide a fast boost that lasts for hours and hours. Nothing works faster or lasts longer in a safe manner. The European Food Safety Agency has indicated 200 mg of caffeine intake twice (2X) a day is safe. They even find it safe to use 200 mg of caffeine 30 minutes to 2 hours before athletics and exercise.
thunder bolts ceffeine equivalent
Thunder Bolts gives me energy without over stimulating me and they taste great.
Jim: Metuchen, NJ
I am a college student and Thunder Bolts gives me the energy to pull an all-nighter.
Karen: Philadelphia, PA
I love the orange taste of Thunder Bolts.
Courtney: Dallas TX
Provides steady energy for a few hours and helps to keep me awake.
Tom: Miami, FL
No jitters and a great pick-me-up!
Mike: Orlando, FL
Thunder Bolts are great! I love then when traveling. 2 gummies gives me a boost when I feel tired.
Rosemary: Jacksonville, FL
Just 2 Thunder Bolts gummies are a great little pick-me-up!
Mia: Orlando, FL
First semester of nursing school done thanks to Thunder Bolts.
Mika: Houston, TX
Thunder Bolts energy gummies help me get through the day.
Bill: Patterson, NJ

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