Press Release: Bolts Energy Expands into the Northeast 2016-12-16T16:00:06-04:00

December 15, 2016 – After a successful product launch in Texas, North Carolina and Florida, Bolts Energy announces the expansion of its Thunder Bolts™ caffeinated gummy product into the Northeast market. Thunder Bolts™ have hit the ground running by delivering a faster burst of energy than traditional energy drinks, typically 2-5 minutes versus of an average of 20 minutes for energy drinks. Equally important, there is no bloated feeling with Thunder Bolts™, which can be associated with energy drink products. Thunder Bolts™ has carved out a piece of the long distance running market by providing an energy boost mid-run when it is needed most.

A packet of Thunder Bolts™ offers a 200 mg of caffeine per package.

Move over, energy drinks there is a new sheriff in town. Thunder Bolts are not only an effective alternative to liquid energy drinks and other athletic supplements; Thunder Bolts™ are packed with energy, are great tasting and easy to chew.

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About Bolts Energy, LLC

Bolts Energy, LLC is a consumer food product-based company focused on commercializing crossover foods with distinct properties in high value and growing markets (i.e. energy). Bolts Energy, LLC has commercialized its first line of caffeinated gummy confectionaries, Thunder Bolts™, with caffeine content of 200 mg in each package. Our innovative product uses flavor and taste masked proprietary technologies to make great tasting and patentable products.

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