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I ran into a rep of yours at the Color Run in Philadelphia and I loved your product!” ~ Sue, Darby, PA

“I just want to say that Thunder Bolts are a superior gummy when it comes to taste and effectiveness.” ~ Kelly, Philadelphia, PA

“Tried for the first time at the Color Run in Philadelphia and fell in love, found my new energy drink alternative.” ~ Tom, Philadelphia, PA

“Your product really works. I’ve had it before I go for a run, and it helps me get alert and focus whether I am going for an easy run or doing something more intense like hill sprints. As a runner and coach, it’s a product I would recommend to my athletes to try. I believe it’s a good product to take right before a workout or race or during a longer race when you need a burst of energy, like in a half marathon or marathon. The flavor of the product is good too. It isn’t too much or too little. It has a nice flavor, but isn’t overpowering.” ~ Eric Wallor, Co-Founder and Head Coach – Full Potential Running

“Thunder Bolts is my go to snack before a workout. I do not want to have anything heavy before I workout. Thunder Bolts provides enough energy for a challenging workout. Love it!” ~ Mike, Middletown, NJ

“Thunder Bolts gives me energy without over stimulating me and they taste great.” ~ Jim, Metuchen, NJ

“I tried a pack and LOVED it!” ~ Amy, SeaSide, NJ

“I tried your product for the first time today. It is seriously the best tasting energy product on the market! You have a new customer!” ~ Carmen, New York, NY

“Thunder Bolts gives me energy without over stimulating me. The other energy drinks make me hyper.” ~ Chris, New Brunswick, NJ

“I love your gummies, they are  my favorite!” ~ Jenny, Queens, NJ