Press Release: Thunder Bolts™ Caffeinated Adult Gummy That Surprises In Both Taste And Convenience! 2016-10-17T11:41:43-04:00

Yardley, PA—Bolts Energy, LLC is excited to offer a new and innovative caffeinated adult gummy—Thunder Bolts. The response to this orange flavored product is simply outstanding—customers love them!

Thunder Bolts delivers on energy and taste. It is the first great tasting caffeine product without the typical caffeine bitter taste. Truly a Yummy energy product! All this good taste with only 60 calories, in a convenient package, and it really works! Best energy value on the market!

Thunder Bolts caffeinated gummies are made with real orange juice and fortified with Vitamins C and B3 (Niacin). Our safe and delicious product provides the maximum energy, as recommended by Europe’s Food Regulation Agency.

Consumers can now purchase Thunder Bolts in a convenient package online and have it delivered to their door in two business days or less. For more information and to buy today visit

Retailers interested in offering this innovative and exciting product to consumers should contact us for wholesale options and discounts. Call 215–321–5836 (844—GUMMIEZ) or email to learn more. Our skilled staff are available to discuss this new product and answer all your questions.

Thunder Bolts are made with:

  • 200 mg of CAFFEINE per package
  • Real Orange Juice
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Vitamin C per package—100% of recommended daily serving
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)—50% of recommended daily serving
  • Natural flavors
  • Low calorie (60 calories per package)
  • Convenient packaging

Media Contact

DeAnne Harland
(267) 980–6534

About Bolts Energy, LLC

Bolts Energy, LLC is a consumer food product-based company focused on commercializing cross-over foods with distinct properties in high value and growing markets (i.e. energy). Bolts Energy, LLC has commercialized its first line of caffeinated gummy confectionaries, Thunder Bolts, with caffeine content of 200 mg in each package. Our innovative product uses flavor and taste masked proprietary technologies to make great tasting and patentable products. Thunder Bolts are specifically targeted to penetrate the existing $40 billion plus energy drink market as a more convenient, longer-lasting and safer product, compared to existing market leaders.

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