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Become a Bolts Energy LLC Retail and Distributor

Thank you for your interest in being a Bolts Energy LLC Wholesale Customer. Our Thunder Bolts™ and your business are a synergy made in the clouds. Let’s Get Zapped!™

  • Bolts Energy LLC serves retailers all over the United States. Our caffeinated (200 mg per package) orange flavored gummies are a great match in many different retail settings: convenience and grocery stores, truck stops, video gaming stores, sports stores, kiosks, airports, newsstands, bars, coffee shops, resorts, hotels and movie theaters to name a few.
  • We make our gummies in the USA with the finest ingredients, all natural sweeteners (i.e. no artificial sweeteners) and real orange juice, to ensure the greatest freshness. You call and we ship. Place your order with us, and we strive to ship your order within three (3) business days.
  • Thunder Bolts™ are available in convenient display boxes of 12 packages and other convenient pack sizes for use in your store. You can purchase mixed count boxes if your desire.
  • Thunder Bolts™ contain 200 mg of caffeine per package (i.e. 4 gummies) and have a 1 year shelf life.
  • We guarantee our Thunder Bolts™. If they arrive below your standards, call us and we will make your order right.

If you are interested in being a retail customer or distributor please contact us at 215-321-5836 or email us at customerservice@boltsenergy.com to place your order at wholesale cost. We look forward to long term business with your company.